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Presented by his son at 3:15pm PST on Friday January 28th, 2000.
St. Rose of Lima Church, 1305 Royal Avenue, Simi Valley, California

Thank you all for coming. It is an honor and a privilege to share these special moments with each and every one of you in this special place.

Dad touched so many people --- I am constantly amazed by the breadth of the people that he knew. He had a charisma and excitement and catchy friendliness about him that drew people from all walks of life. Folks I have never met have come up to me and told me how much Dad had impacted their lives in such a deep way.

Amazing storyteller, superior artist, a man who seemed able to do anything he put his mind to, a man with tremendous sense of humor. More pirate than saint... More temperamental controversial artist than business man... More metaphysical psychic and magician than plodding scientist... More swashbuckling world adventurer than fretting husband or father... Dad packed an awful lot of living into 63 years. During the next few minutes I'd like share a bit about his enormous Life.

As we do this, we need to see things clearly. Don't miss his point! --- we all have our own slant on things --- but don't paint him as someone else. Remember what he stood for... and what was IMPORTANT to him!

Dad's gift was that he always jumped "feet first" fully into Life --- he didn't hold back... he was awfully hard to contain. Dad was really "Lee Carvel" the mysterious magician, hypnotist, acclaimed psychic, world-recognized artist, and New Age groundbreaker. He HAD appeared in theaters, television, and radio across three continents. Dad was an ultra-creative person who truly treasured exploring the unknown, who didn't limit himself to one answer or viewpoint. He did have a deep Catholic core and respect for the Church, but he also incessantly wondered about everything. This gave him and us the freedom to grow and change and expand beyond the realms of normal thinking.

Dad's art didn't just stay on the canvas. He was also a prolific writer and publisher for movie scripts, mentalist and super-memory booklets, classic underground comic books, news magazine 'Simi Today' and 'Dimension X' radio program. He loved using his "radio voice" which he had learned as a Spanish radio program host in his youth around the San Diego area. He also used that voice when he entered politics for the Democratic Party there and did quite well, but was quickly disillusioned. He was self-employed most of his Life... although he had owned a fast-food hamburger place, and a successful sign-painting company... But he always longed to do more with his art.

One-day, he set out and created, sculpted, and illustrated a unique walk-through "House of Monsters" carnival show and took his family on a tour of local and state fairs throughout California. After one long summer as "carne's", we settled in Simi Valley where he began to further develop his psychic abilities and moved into the realms of "real magic" of parapsychology and new age thinking. During the early seventies, he was a beloved teacher at Simi Valley's Adult Education classes on experimental and parapsychology and carried an average class enrollment of 200 students per week. He had also completed numerous New Age expos, Life readings, and seminars. Dad also was a member of the Ventura County Art Commission, President of Simi Valley chapter of AARP last year, and President of Lion's Club Intl. Simi Valley Chapter.

As a child while attending Escondido Elementary School near San Diego, Dad first demonstrated his artistic talents by painting a mural, which can still be viewed there today. As an adult, his canvas of President Ronald Reagan was displayed in the White House and still hangs at The Ronald Reagan Library. His other acclaimed paintings include John Wayne, Laurel and Hardy, Roy Rogers, Elvira and other Hollywood personalities, various past-life portraits, and numerous fantasy, swords & sorcery, and American Indian subjects including the late actor and tomahawk-throwing expert "Skeeter Vaughn".

Dad toured 43 states in America for the National Assemblies teaching the truth about mentalism, magic, and science for grades K-12 at various times during the last 30 years. He was also the producer and director of horror film videos and had perfected blending his artwork, special effects, and movies using computer graphics. He was working on his latest work for video stores when he passed on.

Dad gave my sisters and me many special gifts during our Life experiences together. Growing up as pretty much a poor kid in Escondido sharing a bed with my sister in a tiny one-bedroom place we called "the little house".... Yet even then, there was special magic in the air. Dad would always be drawing comics and pencil drawings he would do on the Formica top of the kitchen table. Later we'd watch him spend hours completing his oil painting of the crucifixion of Jesus. I used to help care for Dad's white doves which he would use for his magic shows on the stage. (SPECIAL MAGIC)

I remember sitting on Dad's lap or nearby while we watched the late show and spooky movies of Dracula, The Mummy, The Werewolf, and more. Later on, we'd spend hours watching fantasy and swords and sorcery movies... Much later we'd discuss the latest trends, methods, special effects, and stories from the Hollywood movie industry. To this day, I've never been afraid of spooky movies and the like --- to me such things were always filled with movie stars, writers, movie sets, special effects, creative thinkers... It always gave me a special edge to be beyond such fears compared to other kids. (NO FEARS)

I remember spending hours as a teenager having deep philosophical and theological discussions with Dad about Life and the multitude and meanings of the religions of the world. We'd discuss parapsychology, experimental research, science, metaphysics, and world cultures. We spend hours discussing the many new age authors like anthropologist Carlos Castaneda, Indian sorcery, the power of awareness and perception, the Hawaiian Kahuna shamans, the nature of miracles, the treasured thinking of India and the power of the yogi's, the nature of Life and its purpose (PHILOSOPHY).

Most recently I would enjoy long conversations with Dad on the phone or at restaurants about how to move on in my Life, how to meet interesting people, how relate to my children under relationship stress, and Latin dancing. Dad always felt I had much to give, that I should not "hold back".

So many memories..... Just so many...

(THINGS NOT MENTIONED BUT WERE IN MY NOTES: Dadís inspiration while earning my Ph.D and learning public speaking, charisma and connecting with others, earning a SANDAN 3rd Degree Black Belt, special magical Life experiences I would encounter and how those related to his experiences... )

I and the others here will miss you tremendously.... my wonderful Dad. Your open thinking and adventurous spirit, your courage to try the unexpected and push the limits of the unknown, your dedication and unending artistic effort to create something out of nothing, your sensitivity and real connection with people everywhere, and your many loves and visionary talents. These I will carry forward as intrinsic parts of my Life that intertwined deeply with yours, and helps serve as a part of your legacy. As I said to you as you lay dying in the hospital, it is a true honor and privilege to be your son... thank you for bringing me into this world, raising me, touching me with the Mysteries of Life, and inspiring me with the courage to push beyond the envelope and do the stuff that dreams are made of.

Thank you, Dad. As you move onward from this Human Life, may your new adventures be twice as exciting and fulfilling.

With much love, Your son, Leo (Lee) Jr.



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