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ConsultLee.com  [ www.ConsultLee.com ]   
Consulting services by Dr. Lee Quintanar (aka Lee Jr) and Associates in Information Technologies and Next-Generation Communications. A unique blend of experience and skills spanning AT&T Bell Labs, advanced technologies companies, and executive management over nationwide operations, support, and innovative software development. We can address your specialized I.T. support needs and new applications and systems development. On the artistic side, Lee conducts seminars in art, karate, and personal growth.

Whispering Stars WebWorks  [ www.WhisperingStars.com ]   
Exceptional top-notch web site creation and design services by talented Lisa Cameron.

Corriganville Movie Ranch  [ www.b-westerns.com/corvlle.htm ]   
Many old westerns were filmed here including Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, John Wayne and more. The 1940s Tarzan series with Johnny Weissmuller was also filmed here. Over 1000 movie and TV shows were filmed between 1937 - 1966.

LQsystemsTech  [ www.LQsystemsTech.com ]   
Professional PC Support Services by Leo Quintanar (grandson to Lee Carvel) including build, setup, installation, networks, and technical problem resolution across Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

KaarinaArt.com  [ www.KaarinaArt.com ]   
Exceptional artwork by the niece of Lee Carvel who has inherited his abilities and has already produced amazing art!

Simi Route of the real 'El Camino Real'  [ www.ProfessorCameron.com ]   
Professor Scott Cameron leads us down his newly discovered Simi Valley portion of the famous footpath of the Spanish explorers from the 1700's. El Camino Real (Spanish for Royal Road) refers to the 600-mile trail connecting California's 21 Spanish missions, 4 presidios / pueblos, from San Diego to San Francisco.



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